We can all agree that Kickstarter campaigns can go either amazingly well or incredibly wrong. On Kickstarter campaigns normally either get everything they’re looking for or next to nothing and there’s not much in-betweens.

So what is it that makes Kickstarter campaigns go incredibly successful and fully funded?

Well, one of the key components is an amazing video for your campaign. But, there is a catch: many campaign managers don’t realize what actually makes these videos amazing.

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Since it’s one of the most important aspects of your campaign, there are a number of things you should do to make an amazing Kickstarter video, such as these

5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Kickstarter Video

Be Yourself

Some campaigns are funded just because of the amazing product at its focus. But for most of them people behind the campaign are equally important, maybe even more important than product itself. With that in mind, it’s important to know that you should be yourself in your video and not pretend to be someone else. Possible funders can spot a fake mile away. And when they do they are less likely to fund your product because they don’t like who you’re trying to be.

Close The Sale

During the final minute of your Kickstarter video make sure to include call to action and close the sale. Explain why people should invest in your campaign. The entire video should lead to that point and final minute should be focused solely to this. Always remember not to be too pushy with the sale. Most of the people don’t like handing over money if they feel like they’re being forced into it.

Keep It Short & Cover The Basics

Here’s the deal: people don’t want to be lectured to. So, covering the basics of your Kickstarter campaign and quickly explaining why they should donate is more than enough, leaving just enough time for you to close the sale. There’s no need to cover the product in detail – after all, that’s what your text is for. In video, only explain why your product is unique and why people should fund your campaign. Reminding them that by supporting unique product they also become unique is a nice touch.

Don’t Steal Content For Your Video

This point is important for two different reasons. The first reason is because it’s, well, stealing. If the rightful owners find out that their content is being used without their permission, they’d have a viable basis to sue. Meaning, you’re going to be out of money before you even get any. Kickstarter also suspends campaigns that are found to be misleading or breaking any kind of law, copyright included. Second reason is that if you do steal any content even by accident, chances are people are going to notice and decide not to fund your Kickstarter. And if that happens, many people are likely to make a fuss and take even more potential backers with them. So, it’s dishonest, it can cost you lot of money and it can bring a lot of trouble your way. Just don’t do it.

Make Sure It’s Professionally Made

While it could cost you some money to do this, consider it an investment. Potential backers aren’t likely to part with their money if you’ve just filmed yourself with your phone camera. Make sure your video is well lit and professionally edited. Not only does this make you look good, but backers will feel safer handing over their money if they think that you’re going to spend it right.

In conclusion, if you’re trying to make successful Kickstarter campaign; consider the video the first step to success. If you fail this step, there is a good chance that even great marketing or social network campaign will not be enough. If you have a successful campaign don’t forget to utilize Snapstics Kickstarter Order Fulfillment to provide better service.

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