Pricing that's as good as our service

Our entire business process and software is made to let you do more with less. In most cases Snapstics is much more cost effective for you than having your own warehouse or using other order fulfillment companies.

Pricing Features

  • Daily Storage Fees

    Our storage fees are calculated on per day basis. That means your items are not charged for extra days.

  • Discounted Monthly Fees

    Our monthly administrative fee is waived for billing over $499/month.

  • Branded Packaging Slips

    We ship your packages with custom packing slips with your logo. Your packages will look like it were shipped from your warehouse.

  • Discounted Storage Fees

    We have tiered discounted price for storage to accommodate fast moving items.

  • Discounted Volume Prices

    For customers with 1000 orders or more will receive volume price. Contact us for more details.

  • Simple Per Order Fees

    We only charge very nominal per order fees and for boxes used for shipping your order.

Pricing Structure

  • Monthly Administration Fees

    $49.99 (Waived if monthly invoice is over $499)
  • Inventory Storage Charges

    Pallet Non Pallet SKUs
    $0.005/cubic feet/day 0-14 Days 15-112 Days 113-365 Days After 365 Days
    $0.01/cubic feet/day $0.01/cubic feet/day $0.015/cubic feet/day $0.02/cubic feet/day
  • Order Handling Charges

    Parcel Pallet / Freight
    $1.49/order $7.50/order
  • Pick Charges

    Small Items
    (Less than 1 Cubic Feet)
    Medium Items
    (1 Cubic Feet to 8 Cubic Feet)
    Large Items
    (8 Cubic Feet to 35 Cubic Feet)
    Pallet / Oversize
    (35 and more Cubic Feet)
    $0.59/item $0.89/item $4.89/item $9/item
  • Miscellaneous Charges

    Blind Shipment Receiving Charge Blind Shipment Product Setup Charge Labeling Fees Empty Pallet and Shrink Wrap Charge
    $9/shipment $0.50/product $0.10/label $9/pallet


24/7 Support

As leading Order Fulfillment Company in USA, we offer eCommerce warehousing and best order fulfilment services. Our Professional Experts offers 24 X 7 Support for order tracking which maintain our 2 Key Principles: Speed and Accuracy. We also offers effortless Integration of major shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, woocommerce, ebay and etc.

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