Amazon and Ebay are two of the most important selling platforms for products ranging from computers, books, apparel, sports equipment, household items and so on. To become successful seller on one of these sites you absolutely must make sure that your product listing stands out among millions of other products and sellers. There are a number of ways to improve your product listing and here are 7 which will make the most impact on your selling success:

1. Ask for a good feedback / rating:
Probably the most important task in making a good listing is to ensure that you get feedback from your customers. Sellers with many positive ratings attract more customers on both platforms and when clients use searching feature Amazon gives more visibility to products with better ratings. Use your friends and family as first customers and ask them for a 5 star review. In Amazon listings always mention that in case of any trouble customers should contact you before leaving possible bad review.

2. Don’t copy other listings
This should be obvious, but many sellers make that mistake. Your goal is to make your product listing stand out among other sellers and by copying other listings you’re just one of many. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to others. Look at the listings of top performers and when you see something you like put your own twist to it and use it.

3. Use your own Hi-Def photos

When selling general items most sellers use always the same photo taken from some catalogue or downloaded from some photo stock. Using your own photos will make your product and listing to stand out. It goes without the saying that photos must be of good quality.

4. Consider the use of video

With some products it might be a good idea to include a short video about the item you’re selling. This is particularly useful for products like electronics, toys, games, some DIY products and so on. Just be aware that nobody wants to look at 2 hour video when buying something from Ebay. As a rule of thumb keep your videos under a minute.

5. Use headings, different colors, italics and so on in your listings
When composing product listings most of the first time or inexperienced sellers usually make one of 2 mistakes: they either don’t use paragraphs, headings, bullet points, bolded text etc., or they’re using too much of it. In the first case listing looks very boring and is hard to read. In second case listing just looks cheap and tacky. Write the product listing in much the same way you would use when writing an article or blog post. Be tasteful.

6. Do a keyword search analysis when composing your product listing

Spend little time on keyword search analysis when composing your product listing. This is especially important when choosing the title and subtitle of your listings. Google Keyword Planner and WordStream’s Keyword Tool are both very good and absolutely free. Use them.

7. Think about your customers when writing a product listing
When composing product listing think about who are your average customers? Teenagers? Housewives? Craftsmen? Urban or rural demographics? What about their age group? Imagine your average customer and match your product listing. Make it more personal as if you are writing to each of them personally.

So, whether you have products to sell on Amazon or eBay, use this 7 recommendations and you will definitely see noticeable increase in your sales. Just make sure that product listing is honest and you always deliver on your promise.

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