When trying to make part-time or even full time income by running your own business, selling products for profit on platforms like Amazon or Ebay is one of the easiest ways to start. For many sellers eventual goal is to become one of the Amazon top sellers. However, the success of your project will depend on one thing only: building the solid reputation as a seller on Amazon. No matter how good your product is or how bargain prices you offer few bad reviews when you just start will effectively end up your possibility to earn decent money on Amazon. On the other hand, several 5-star reviews can jump start your Amazon business from the day one.

For building good seller reputation and to get few great reviews you have to make sure that:

– You have a great product

– You have a great customer service

So how do you create a solid reputation as a seller on Amazon? Let’s have a look at seven ways to do so:

1. Quality product

Make sure you test the product yourself and put up for sale only the products you would buy yourself. Also, knowing the pros and cons of the product can prove useful in developing marketing strategies. Ensure to fully describe the product you are putting up for sale, even possible cons about the product. Since you are not able to explain these through having a one to one communication with your customer, description of your product is vital to both attract buyers who will enjoy your product and to turn away those who are maybe looking for something different and would leave a bad review.

2. Quality Hi-Def  photos of  your product

They said the picture means a thousand words and that is very true with online selling. You will save a lot of time and keep away from troubles if customer can see the product from every possible angle.

3. First class delivery

Although you can pack and ship products by yourself when starting I will always recommend outsourcing this to professionals. Using the services of a trusted third-party logistics company, abbreviated as 3PL, will save you both time and money, especially when your inventory increases. Getting professionally packaged product in a timely manner is something completely different than getting it packaged in old carton boxes or wrapped in a newspaper. If you want to be professional about your business use professionals.

4. Always over deliver

You should always over deliver in order to create a good reputation and image of both yourself and your product. Over delivering is one of the strategies to ensure that you not only sell but it also enables you to retain the customer base you have already created. It basically means that you always give more than customer expects to get. There are number of ways to over deliver: offering a discount code, sending a free gift, delivering faster than promised. Even a simple „thank you“ card included with the product can do wonders and make customer write you a great review.

5. Ask for a good review

When sending the product to your customers always ask for a good, 5-star review. If you’re sending them an email include the link to review page to make it easier for them. Important thing is not to be pushy or rude. Simple „if you like our product please leave the 5-star review“ message is enough.

6. Listen to your customers

It is a business and at times you are likely to get the goods returned to you. As a seller, you need not take it personally but ensure that you go through the reason behind the return. Most customers will appriciate if you make returning process easy for them, even if they are not fully sattisfied with the product. This is another situation where good 3PL company which will handle returns on your behalf can make a real difference in establishing a good seller reputation. If you still end up getting a bad review never ever fight with a customer over the Amazon website. Appologize to the customer and move on.

7. Keep up the good work

When business takes off ensure that you keep best quality service and best quality products. Don’t get carried away and think that when you got some great reviews the task of building the seller reputation is over. Seller reputation is not easy to build, but is very easy to destroy if you decrease the service level your customer are expecting.

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