6 Order Fulfillment Metrics that Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you know what is the most significant thing that irritates the customer about the Ecommerce company? It is the inferior quality of order fulfillment service. Yes, it is quite logical also. When a customer interacts with the Ecommerce company, he gets impressed by the accuracy and promptness of the delivery. Hence, it is essential to set adequate service parameters while assigning the task to a fulfillment agency. Experts say that the following six metrics one should stay on top of if you aim high customer satisfaction.

The Accuracy of Order Fulfillment

Your customers should get the right item every time you deliver. Remember, there must be a zero tolerance in it if you want your customers delighted. When an item is shipped incorrectly, there is no possibility of getting a repeat order. Moreover, you get a hit with the extra cost of return. To avoid this double loss, always focus on 100% accuracy of fulfillment.

Speedy Delivery

Your customers don’t just need accurate delivery, but they expect it fast also. Therefore, the speed of delivery is also an important parameter. The delivery timelines should be realistic, not aggressive. However, there should be efforts to deliver the stuff before the deadline. It creates a positive image about you. It helps in the image-building.

Accurate Inventory

What is the discrepancy between the physical inventory and inventory on the records? Ideally, the difference should be nil. The bigger it is, the lower is the level of customer satisfaction.

Order Traceability

Customers want a total control over the order placed by them. The system should send them updates about the shipment details and delivery schedule. Your order fulfillment partner must give a real-time order tracking facility to the customers. They feel more comfortable and empowered.

The Speed of Order Processing

The moment a customer releases an order, he wants to see the material moving from the warehouse to his place. When it is delayed, your image shatters. Therefore, the speed of order processing must be part of the metrics. Much before the material moves from the warehouse physically; the countdown begins.

Efficient Returns

Last, but not the least; efficiency of ‘Return Process’ is also an important aspect. Statistics say that the percentage of returns is as high as 23 percent. Therefore, you must be ready for handling it effectively. When you hire a service partner, don’t forget to set stringent service level agreements for returns as well. Fulfillment is a critical aspect which should be managed well. The metric mentioned in the article help in maintaining it well.

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